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About Us

We live in a horizontal world with distractions around every corner. We work in a vertical world where those distractions cost us valuable time and opportunity.

At Alphadevco we got tired of “social” and professional networks interrupting us with targeted ads, false intel presented as fact, unrelated “friends” looking to connect, or having our data sold without our knowledge or consent.

It was time to build a better way to work from a clean slate. No reputation to save. No wrongs to right.

We started by re-imagining a secure, encrypted and fintech-enabled, network marketplace ecosystem and we wrote a few rules to guide us. They became the basis of our data protection pledge.

And then we thought about how we get stuff done. We asked our friends and partners how they work. We read. We listened. We executed.

We wanted to create a way to manage our professional worlds with one app.

So, we added components to provide subscribers with all the tools they use to manage their unique workflows, plan, strategize, find and make connections, buy and sell, make and accept payments, recruit or find a new job, ask and seek answers, solve problems, accelerate productivity and generally make informed decisions in real-time all within private, secure environments free from ads and unwanted distractions, secure in the knowledge that their private data would not be compromised and sold to third-parties.

The result is the all-in-one Novolinx ecosystem: a closed environment designed to power individual and separate networks serving a wide variety of global business sectors.

A new level of privacy, security and accuracy. No more bouncing between apps and sites.

Novolinx subscribers see their world in glorious detail thanks to our intuitive tools and the richness of our data, which allows them to make better connections and transform information into opportunities that lead to bolder outcomes.


If you want to know more, have a specific question or something to contribute, we’d love to hear from you.

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