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Our Data Protection Pledge

Currently in alpha, the secure Novolinx cloud-based platform or "ecosystem" collects, stores and distributes data for the controlled and limited use of our subscribers.

Novolinx is focused on delivering valuable solutions that help our subscribers engage with and fluently progress through their work without compromising their privacy or the data we manage.

User trust is essential in operating a successful digital service today and security is an all or nothing proposition.

We pledge to rigorously protect all the information on our platform and keep it safe, secure and free from unauthorized access, spoofing, intrusion, hacking, recording, manipulation and/or seizure.

The Real Deal

Verified data. Real users.

Novolinx builds safeguards into our platform architecture to protect the veracity of the data and the privacy of the subscribers on our servers. We are committed to working with the best tools, and the sharpest minds to maintain the highest level of integrity across our platform.

No fake data. No fake accounts. No bots.

Private & Secure

Novolinx is a closed environment where all private data at rest is encrypted in addition to independently audited end-to-end transactional encryption across the ecosystem.

New subscribers are provided access only after verifying their unique, human identity as well as their qualifications to access the network they are applying to. It may make the on-boarding process a bit more demanding, but the security of the ecosystem and the private data of its subscribers are central to our pledge.

Once our subscribers are confirmed, we employ our own trustless authentication solution along with context-aware access protocols that measure a variety of parameters such as where a subscriber is logging in from, the IP of the machine they’re using, the time of day, and other factors to ensure and maintain the privacy and security of the entire ecosystem.

We will never sell your location to third parties, though we may share it with any connections you ask us to and never without confirming your intent before we do.

Delivering our Services

Novolinx delivers data to our subscribers on demand. We will never provide our subscribers with information or suggestions unless they specifically request it.

For example, we manage data and provide a suite of collaboration tools in order to allow subscribers to accelerate productivity, make connections, buy and sell, fulfill requests, solve problems and generally transform information into opportunities.

We also harness the power and efficiency of machine learning to enhance our services through image recognition, predictive input, dynamic search and custom work flows.

Transparency & Control

Sometimes the Novolinx platform uses data to provide our subscribers with a more personalized experience.

We pledge to provide a transparent way for our subscribers to see, access and manage the privacy of their data and have complete control over how we use it to deliver the information and services they subscribe to across the entire Novolinx ecosystem.

Data can last forever and harm people in unpredictable ways.

We employ auditing procedures to ensure that shared data is used consistently with the subscriber’s preferences. Our subscribers may download all the data we have about them in a standardized, open, and usable format. Our subscribers may also delete their entire account and permanently eliminate their private data from our servers if they choose to, except when prohibited by law.

Third Party Ads

Our subscribers rely on us to deliver the information they need to make informed decisions in real-time. We appreciate that subscribers do not want to be interrupted or distracted by ads or extraneous information of any kind that does not support their intended process.

We will not sell the unique data of our subscribers to third parties.

The entire Novolinx ecosystem is designed to serve the needs of our subscribers instead of third parties seeking access to them.

We do aggregate and compile anonymous data based on habits and trends that we will use in developing an improved experience including features, services, and or opportunities.

Trust is Paramount

Managing valuable data requires careful planning and hard work, but it also requires something more fundamental: trust.

As threats increase in complexity, our subscribers need to trust that their private data will remain safe and secure in a way that is transparent and keeps them in control.

Delivering on this commitment is paramount. We pledge to earn our subscriber’s trust every time they engage with us.

No ifs, ands, or buts about it.


George Woods Baker

Founder and CEO


This pledge was last updated and modified on September 12, 2019.