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How do I access the Novolinx ecosystem?

The Novolinx ecosystem is a closed environment that powers a number of unique and separate networks serving a wide variety of global business sectors. Subscribers to these individual Novolinx owned and operated networks are granted access after being vetted and approved.

Are Novolinx powered networks mobile-friendly?

Absolutely. We understand that subscribers want access to Novolinx powered networks from multiple devices, so we’ve created an experience that works equally well on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Where do you get your data?

The Novolinx ecosystem hosts and manages verified data compiled by each network. The networks compile and authenticate their data from a wide range of public and proprietary sources.

Will my subscription to one Novolinx supported network grant me access to all of the Novolinx supported networks?

No. Each Novolinx powered network is a separate and secure community with its own qualification protocols. It is possible to subscribe to any number of networks powered by the Novolinx platform if you qualify for access.


How secure is Novolinx?

At Novolinx, security is always a priority. We remain focused on safeguarding your account and your access to our site. You can read our Data Protection Pledge here or contact us with any questions or concerns.

Why am I being asked to register my device?

If you attempt to access the service from an unrecognized login, you will be asked to register your device. This helps us keep track of the ways in which you log into our service.

How many devices can I register?

Every account is licensed for only one user. We allow for multi-use scenarios (i.e. mobile, laptop, etc.). When you reach the limit, you will be asked to remove a previously registered device to be replaced with your new registered device.

I’m not receiving my verification code emails… what do I do?

Because the email gets auto-generated from our system, it may get caught in a spam filter or junk folder. Consider adding to your email client address book to help mitigate this issue.

I’ve got my verification code, but it doesn’t work… what’s going on?

Every new request for a verification code invalidates all prior requests. You need to use the most recent verification code requested in order to successfully login.

I have been asked to change my password. Why is that?

This is a security measure to prevent sharing of logins and passwords with unauthorized users.